Suit Buying 101: Color

Years ago there was a popular notion that certain men could only wear certain colors depending on their personal look. I was never a big believer in “having ones colors done”.

I think if you’re redheaded and you want to wear a red shirt, go for it. If your sandy blonde and you like yellow, go for it.

However, there are some rules about color we will point out. There are certain things you simply do and do not wear depending on the time of year and the time of day.

Time of year

Summer time is the right time for light colored suits during the day and for business casual events at night. A man looks great in a light linen or cotton suit in the summer time. Here in the south, you will see men wearing seersucker and pin cord suits in light blue, tan and grey.
Put those up when the season turns from late summer to early fall, and ease up on the light fabrics by the middle of September.
That’s not to say you cannot wear a light colored suit in the fall and winter. We have nice days in the fall and winter that would be great for a tan or light grey suit made of wool. Once the weather turns colder, put the linen and cotton suits away and stick with the wool suits.
Time of day
Day time is the time for light suits year round. If it’s a nice day in November or March, get that light grey or tan wool suit out. But, if you’re headed out to an evening affair, a dark suit is always the best. The only time a light suit is appropriate at night time is if it is a business casual event when the weather is nice.
Light colors are for nice weather and the day time.
Dark suits are appropriate always.
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