Suit Buying 101: Choosing the Right Shoes

men's clothing memphisOne question I get here at Shelton Clothiers in downtown Memphis is “What kind of shoes do I wear?” If you’re shopping for a new suit, you should also consider purchasing a pair of shoes that will match. Putting the right shoes with your outfit is as important as matching the right tie with the right shirt. Choosing shoes that don’t go with the rest of your clothes can make an outfit fall flat.

Consider the Occasion When Selecting Shoes

The more formal the outfit is the more formal the shoes should be.


When wearing a suit, it’s best to go with lace up dress shoes or dress loafer.  If you are in a formal setting you will want a nice pair of black lace up dress shoes. They can be wing tip or cap toe. When you are wearing a tuxedo, you will want a tux shoe or the most plain toe lace up you can find with a really good shine.


When you’re in a casual suit setting, lace up or dress loafer will both work.  Just don’t confuse a loafer with a driving shoe.  A driver is too casual for a suit.


If you’re wearing a sport coat and slacks, a dress loafer or a driver can be worn.  In dress or casual slacks and a sport or polo shirt a driver or casual loafer is appropriate.


Many times men are confused about what color of shoe to wear. There are a few simple rules. Black, dark grey and navy suits require black shoes while a light grey, brown or tan suit look great with a brown or tan shoe. Just remember to coordinate your belt with your shoe. They may not match exactly, but you want to get as close a match as possible.
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