Men’s Fashion for the Fall in Memphis

Dressing for fall in Memphis is not unlike most of the country.


Memphis, like most of the country, enjoys four seasons. Fall in Memphis can be considered a transitional period from very hot to moderately cold.  The temperatures are mild enough to wear those light sweaters and jackets as well as a more substantial sport coat made of wool, camel hair or cashmere.


It’s a time to put up the linen and cotton outfits and bring out the wools and heavier fabrics. We have mild enough temperatures that most of your wardrobe should be able to go right into the fall. If you shop at a local men’s clothing store in Memphis, such as Shelton Clothiers, your selections will be reflective of the climate you will encounter.


Your local stores shop at market for clothing that works in their climate. Sport coats, because they are so seasonal, are the most challenging for me. I try to find things that can be worn earlier and later into each season.  Looking for clothing that is more year round is easier to do in Memphis for this reason.


Color and texture are also factors while dressing in the fall. It is time to put away the pastels and bring out the earth tones. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy wearing a little color. A dash of color is great in a tie or sport shirt, just don’t appear that you want summer to last forever. This is my favorite time of year because the fabrics and colors can be very rich. Fuller bodied sport coats and sweaters make the fall a “comfortable” time of year.


For the suit wearer who has built his wardrobe properly, very little needs to change. Most of your clothing should be year round wear. It’s good to have a couple seasonal suits in your wardrobe. Just be careful not to overdo it or you’ll have nothing to wear when the seasons change. A couple of cotton or linen suits for summer and maybe a couple of flannel suits for winter. I have found myself only wearing my flannel suits a few times in the late fall or winter.


Take a look at what you have and fill those holes at great local men’s clothing stores like Shelton Clothiers.
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