Suit Buying 101: Alterations

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There are main two reasons to have men’s clothes altered, when buying a new garment that doesn’t properly fit and when you have lost or gained weight.


For many years, when buying a new garment, most stores took care of the alterations in the store at no charge. This is a service that is provided depending on where you purchase your garments.


As times have changed, many stores no longer provide alteration services free of charge. Often times, if you buy your clothing at a large chain department store, you’ll have to take your clothes to outside tailor to get them altered.


Quality tailoring is becoming hard to come by, and the art of tailoring has become a lost art. Not very many people want to learn the art and a real “tailor” is hard to find. The best place to find a good tailor is at a high end men’s clothing store such like Shelton Clothiers in downtown Memphis.


Some stores also employee a seamstress.  A seamstress is able to do minor operations that most people need however, there are times when a only real tailor will do.


With the competitive nature of the industry, most stores place items on sale year round. Be careful of very inexpensive clothing. Some less expensive garments are not built for the alterations that may need to be performed. If this is the case, consider a different garment.


When making a new purchase:

  • Keep in mind where you are considering your purchase. As with any product you get what you pay for not only in product, but in service.
  • Determine if you are in need of complicated alterations or just simple ones.
  • Remember that when the garment is discounted, there will be a charge for your alterations.
  • When purchasing from a specialty store, there will be more care in the fit and patience in your overall satisfaction.
Sometimes you may need alterations to an existing garment. If so, you may choose to take it to a shop that just does alterations, a dry cleaner, or to a specialty store.


When you need alterations to an existing garment:

  • When you take it to a shop or to a dry cleaner, a seamstress is likely to work on it. Keep it simple
  • When you take it to a specialty store, the work will likely be done by a tailor and will be more expensive. He or she also has to do the stores regular work, so it may take a little longer to get it back.
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