Suit Buying 101: Occasion

Dressing for a special occasion can be tricky if you are not sure what to wear.

First, try to gather as much information about the occasion as possible.

Today there is casual, business casual, semi-formal and black tie. Casual is for a back yard event with friends or an after work get- together with colleges.


  • Business casual is for a more professional setting such as a work gathering with executives or a dinner party at someone’s home.
  • Semi-formal events can be a wedding or a fund raiser with a large attendance.
  • Black tie is very formal evening wedding or a very fancy fund raiser.
What to wear to each of these can be broken down into each category.
  • Casual is whatever you are comfortable wearing amongst friends and colleges. If you wear jeans or khakis and a sport shirt to work or with friends, and it is what you prefer to wear, then that is appropriate. If you want to impress, try something a little dressier, such as dress pants and a nicer shirt or jacket.
  • Business casual with a bigger mix of company, then opt for the dresser pant and shirt with a jacket. You are in a bigger group of people and it is better to be over dressed than under. Who knows who you will meet?
  • Semi-formal events require suit and tie. The darker the suit the better. If you opt for a sport coat, make sure it is a navy blazer and grey pants. If you want to wear any other sport coat, make sure it is in season and not too loud. Remember, this requires a tie!
  • Black tie is just that. Tuxedo with a formal shirt and tie. You do not have to wear a bow tie as long as you wear a formal necktie in silver, black or mixture of. A vest is a must for a long tie.
Again, anything short of a casual get together with friends or colleges is an opportunity to network and impress. Don’t be that guy who showed up in khakis to a posh event.
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