Suit Buying 101: Modern Fit vs. Traditional

One of the sayings in advertising is “There are no new ideas. They are just recycled.”

The same principal can be said for Men’s fashion.  The look you see today has been done before in some manner and, rest assured, will be done again as it comes full circle.  This doesn’t mean the powdered wigs and ruffled shirts are coming back into style, but with every generation, our look slowly transforms into a slightly different variation.

A great example of coming full circle is the emergence of the “modern fit” suit.  This style features a slimmer silhouette that many will recognize from the late 50’s and early 60’s. Humphrey Bogart and the Rat Pack-Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr and Peter Lawford- are some of the best examples of how to wear this suit style with class.

The coat is slimmer fitting with a higher button stance and a narrow lapel.  Generally, it’s worn a little bit shorter than other coats.  The pants are also slim and have a flat front, narrow legs and no cuff or break at the bottom.

The recent popularity of the hit television show Mad Men (A sitcom following the lives of advertising executives in the 60’s where all men wore dark fitted suits and skinny ties) may be part of the resurrection of this particular style.  It’s not unusual for hit series or blockbuster movies to affect styles and trends. It may just be a fad but the industry is taking it very seriously.

Today’s modern fit suit appeals to a range of wearers- from the younger generation to the older suit wearers that want to emphasize their fit condition.

This isn’t a look for everyone.  Stop in at a merchant like Shelton Clothiers in Downtown Memphis and talk to the staff.  Their expertise will put you in a suit that looks like it was made just for you. Try a few things on and see what works.  Find your style.

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