Cleaning and Caring for Your Suits

Dry Cleaning Your SuitsA good suit can be a great-looking, lifelong part of your wardrobe if cared for properly. Taking a few extra steps in the cleaning and care of your suits can go a long way in maintaining their look, feel and fit.

Rarely, if ever, take your suits to the dry cleaners. A good suit will have natural oils in the fibers of the wool, and cleaning chemicals and high temperature drying can cause damage to the fabric over time. Regular dry cleaning of your suit can hurt the suit’s construction, and cause the suit to become stiff and less supple.

The same can be said about over pressing a suit. Too much pressing or ironing will damage the fibers of the fabric, causing your suits to lose their look and feel. You can tell that a suit has been over pressed when it appears shiny or glossy.

The best alternative to dry cleaning is to simply brush your suits regularly. Acquire a clothes brush, and gently brush your suits before hanging them away. A brush is generally better than adhesive lint rollers that often leave behind bits of glue on the fabric.

A great investment for keeping your suits wrinkle free is a hand steamer. A steamer is easy to use, and will knock out the wrinkles without damaging the suit’s fabric. Steaming your suits every once and a while will maintain a like-new shape and look.

Finally, if you’re planning to store your suit for a long period of time, keep it in a breathable, cloth bag.  Suits need moisture to maintain their fit and construction but trapped moisture will mold.  In a cloth bag, your suits will be able to breath, and won’t be damaged over time due to dryness or mold.

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