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Designer: Mo's Bows

Designers come from near and far. I have met many after 35 years in the men’s clothing business. Some of them right here in Memphis. Most of them are very talented and have been trained and educated in the fashion industry for years. however, there are a few that just take to it naturally. I once met a tailor/designer here in Memphis that  could do anything because no one ever told him he couldn’t. He was in his early 20’s when I met him and was far more talented than some of the old timers I have worked with. The simple alterations I needed done were soon boring him and he has moved on to full design work and will someday be famous if he stays with his passion.

I have recently encountered another young man here in Memphis who is a natural. His name is Moziah Bridges, and he designs and make his own bow ties. What is unusual for this young man is that he is 10 years old. He already knows what  he wants to do in life, design. If you ask Mo why he makes bow ties he will tell you “I like to dress up”. When he was 9 he told his mother he wanted a bow tie. They went to the men’s suit department of a local store and looked through the collection. Mo did not like what he saw. His grandmother use to sew and had lots of fabric. Together they taught themselves how to make a bow tie from some colors that Mo liked. A designer was born!

Today, Mo stays busy with school, acting (he’s shy but also a ham), singing and dancing and making bow ties. Another local Memphis talent that, if he stays with his passion, will go far one day. He sells his bow tie here at Shelton Clothiers and at various functions and festivals in the community.

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