Men’s Clothing Guide: How to Match a Shirt and Tie

Matched Tie and ShirtA good combination of a shirt and tie can make a suit or other outfit come alive, but the wrong combination can make your look fall flat. Next time you’re shopping for men’s clothes, keeps these tips in mind when creating the perfect pairing of a shirt and tie.

When shopping for a new tie, always keep your current wardrobe in mind. Select ties that will easily coordinate with shirts and suits that you already own. If you find a tie that you think wouldn’t fit in with your current clothing, pick up a few new pieces to go along with it.

Remember, the easiest shirt color to match a tie with is white. The standard white shirt will go with just about any tie. If you want to take it a step further, find a tie that has a splash of white in the design to make the other colors in your tie really stand out.

The most important rule to keep in mind when matching a shirt and tie is contrast. The pattern and colors of your shirt and tie shouldn’t match. Try a striped tie with a solid shirt, or the other way around.

The key to matching a busy shirt is base color. If you have a shirt with detailed patterns and varying colors, find it’s dominant color and look for a tie that matches.

Additionally, you should always focus on complimenting to color. For instance, a yellow shirt should been worn with a tie that has a splash of yellow.

Most importantly, matching a tie and shirt should be a process in discovering what you like and what works for you. Keep these rules in mind, but experiment to find the right style that fits your taste and personality. With a wide selection of both men’s shirts and ties, Shelton Clothiers on Main Street in Downtown Memphis can help you find a look that’s right for you.

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