Men’s Clothing Guide: Bow Ties 101

BowtieA noticeable trend on the rise in men’s clothing is the bow tie. More and more customers come into our store in Memphis looking for the right bow tie to compliment a particular outfit or to add variety to their existing wardrobe.

One of the best things about bow ties is their variability with other men’s clothing. If you want to branch out from traditional necktie or if you want to try new color palates, shapes and patterns in your wardrobe, bow ties are right for you.

When choosing the right color and design for a bow tie, make sure to select other pieces in your wardrobe that will coordinate with it. A general rule for wearing any kind of tie with a shirt is to choose one patterned and the other solid. Contrast is key in men’s clothing.

Bow ties can vary in shape and size. When selecting this aspect of the tie, it comes down to individual preference and what clothes compliment the tie. Try on a few in the store with differing outfits to see which cut works for you.

The right bow tie can also add variety to men’s suits or blazers. Suits that have a jacket with slim lapels will work with a slim bow tie while suits with wider jacket lapels will work better with a bigger, more substantial bow tie. Remember the contrast rule when choosing a bow tie to go with a suit. Select a tie with a different texture than the suit’s jacket.

After you’ve chosen the right tie for you, wear it with confidence! Bow ties are a popular and current choice in the world of men’s fashion. Experiment with other styles and clothing options to add even more variety to your wardrobe.

Along with an already wide selection of fine men’s clothing in Memphis, Shelton Clothiers is the perfect store to find the right bow tie, fine men’s clothes, men’s suits and accessories.

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