Men’s Pants

Men’s pants are a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Your
occupation and mind set will determine the type of pants that end up on you day
to day.

Most every man has a pair of jeans.  Fit is the number one criteria for the jean.
It must fit in the waist hip and legs off the rack as they cannot be easily
tailored. Length, if done properly, can be adjusted. Careful not to buy a pair
that is too long as the stride and knee placement will be wrong.

Casual slacks are the most common category for most men.
They can be as simple as a 100% cotton khaki, a blend of different fabrics,
micro fiber or 100% wool. Again, the occupation, occasion, and personal taste
will determine your choice. Casual slacks if made properly can be tailored like
a dress pant so the fit can be adjusted off the rack. If the waist is just a
little off or the seat a little baggy, your tailor can make the right

Today’s blends and microfibers are nothing like the past.
Cool and easy care is the biggest advantage. Cut down on your dry cleaning bill
with some washable microfibers. They come right out of the dryer and you can
put them right on.


Dress and suit pants are generally for formal and work
situations.  They are more delicate than
jeans or casual pants. Avoid wearing your nice suit pants to play golf or to a
ball game. You have invested too much in them to risk harming them. Dress pants
are also easily adjusted for fit. Working with the right store with a tailor
can save you a lot of time and effort in finding the right fit.

Personal style and body type will determine if you are a
flat front guy or a pleated guy. More and more men are mixing flat front pants
into their wardrobe. Once you have the right fit, they are great looking on.

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