We have a winner!

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Just a few short weeks ago, we held a Facebook contest to give one lucky guy a sharp new sport coat, and here he is! Joseph Smalley will be adding a stunning sport coat to his wardrobe. Congratulations, Stunner! And that’s not all. Even though Joseph is from out of town, he will still be treated like a king by taking advantage of our new service. The Shelton Clothiers Shopping Club, like a personal shopper and stylist all in one, will send him a trunk of clothes at the start of each season (or whenever he’d like). This trunk,...

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What’s with the Pig? – Pink Pig Apparel by Shelton Clothiers

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What’s with the Pig? That is a question I hear more than once a day here at Shelton Clothiers. You see, I don’t know anyone who has played polo, or even seen a match for that matter, so we put a little pink pig on a polo shirt 5 years ago and the response was tremendous. Now, Pink Pig Apparel is its own brand in our men’s clothing store store here in Downtown Memphis. In Memphis, we like to BBQ and we like to BBQ pork so it only made sense to create an icon of a pig and put it on a polo shirt. Today you can find it on button-down...

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[Infographic] What your clothes’ colors say about you.

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What do your favorite colors say about your personality? Each time you wear a color, you’re might be signaling certain personality traits without even realizing it. For men, a great way to show off a favorite color is through a tie. Tie colors can reflect your mood. Putting the right tie with your suit can set the tone for the day depending on your audience and/or how you want to be perceived that day. If you have an important meeting with clients, try something less aggressive such as green and yellow. For that important meeting with...

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Making a Comeback – Men’s Vests in Memphis

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Men’s Vests are a fashion item that has seen a bit of a comeback lately. The trend has been to make it a more hip, casual clothing item rather than a stuffy old man’s suit accessory.   Vests Have Always Been Popular The vest has a long history in men’s and women’s fashion. These wardrobe stables date back to the early 14th century when neither a respectable man nor woman was seen in public without one. Slowly it began to lose favor in the mid-20th century and was considered a relic by the early 1980’s.   Back in the...

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What is Business Casual?

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We’re often asked in our men’s clothing store in downtown Memphis: what is business casual? Business casual is a term that popped up almost 30 years ago. It describes a trend in business wear that moves away from the traditional suit and tie and introduces to the work place, casual clothing. At the time, most business men wore suits and ties and women wore dresses, skirts with a jacket or a pant suit. Business Casual Trends are Always Changing Like anything, fashion tends to change over time. 100 years ago a dress shirt was...

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What makes some suits cost more than others?

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I’m asked all the time why some suits cost more than others. The answer is the same as any product on the market, whether it’s a suit, a washing machine, or a lawn mower. Time and materials dictate the price of anything. The amount of time put into the product and the quality of materials will determine what it can be made for and what it can be sold for. Like anything else, you will get what you pay for and because of the stiff competition in the industry, you will rarely overpay. Let’s take a look at the three types of suits available...

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Men’s Fashion for the Fall in Memphis

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Dressing for fall in Memphis is not unlike most of the country.   Memphis, like most of the country, enjoys four seasons. Fall in Memphis can be considered a transitional period from very hot to moderately cold.  The temperatures are mild enough to wear those light sweaters and jackets as well as a more substantial sport coat made of wool, camel hair or cashmere.   It’s a time to put up the linen and cotton outfits and bring out the wools and heavier fabrics. We have mild enough temperatures that most of your wardrobe should be...

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Pants: How-to Hem (Little break or lots of break?)

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When measuring a gentleman’s pant bottom, I always ask his preference on the break of the pant. While 80% of them have no opinion, it’s the 20% that do that I want to please. I also want to please the 90% of their wives that have an opinion. There is only one hard and fast rule that you need to keep in mind. Cuffs require more break than a plain bottom. I don’t want to see my customers walking around in “ankle beaters”. This is when a cuff is much too short. See picture of famous designer Thom Brown. I never could understand that...

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Suit Buying 101: Accesories

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Choosing men’s accessories sometimes can be difficult because it is so easy to do. Some men just over think it but most do not give it enough thought. It starts with the shirt and tie Basically, accessories for a man wearing a suit, is a shirt and tie. In most cases that is simple enough if wearing a dark suit and a white or blue shirt. It is hard to mismatch such a combination. The trick comes when the suit and or the shirt has a pattern. Patterns can be blended but must coordinate. With patterns, 90% of the time just...

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Suit Buying 101: Choosing the Right Shoes

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One question I get here at Shelton Clothiers in downtown Memphis is “What kind of shoes do I wear?” If you’re shopping for a new suit, you should also consider purchasing a pair of shoes that will match. Putting the right shoes with your outfit is as important as matching the right tie with the right shirt. Choosing shoes that don’t go with the rest of your clothes can make an outfit fall flat. Consider the Occasion When Selecting Shoes The more formal the outfit is the more formal the shoes should be.   When wearing a...

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