Men’s Clothing Guide: The Tie Bar

The tie bar is a simple men’s clothing accessory that can add style and detail to an outfit. Sometimes called a tie clip, the tie bar is traditionally used to keep a neat appearance by preventing the tie from moving around. With the right application it can also add a touch of style to suits, formal wear or any occasion that calls for a tie.

A general rule to follow when wearing a tie bar is to place between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt, but you may wear it higher or lower depending on personal preference. The tie bar clips both ends of the tie to the placket of your shirt.

Like a good set of cufflinks, a tie bar is simple and tasteful, but has function. A tie bar can add that retro (think Mad Men) look to a suit with one simple application.

It’s important to make sure the tie bar is shorter in width than the tie itself. Wearing a tie bar that’s wider than the tie itself is not advised.

If you’re looking for an accessory that will compliment a tie and add an extra something to your clothes, a tie bar is right for you.

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